First of the new year again ….

New year and new(?) energy? Not sure, but whatever it is, it happens every friggin year. The designated date on the calendar arrives and we do a whole bunch of the same stuff and say we’re going to do some different stuff and then we go on to do what we’ve always done.
If you think this is a rant about the ridiculousness of New Year’s resolutions. Well, maybe, but I’d rather focus less on the rant and more on the question of why do it on January 1st? [SHORT ANSWER] Because it’s easy to remember.

The point is that it is a good thing to consider old stuff and imagine new stuff annually – if it takes that – or whatever periodicity is most efficacious.

Now the reason I sat to write this.

In the UK they refer to the act of getting or giving an injection as a “jab”. This is exactly and completely equivalent to our use of the word “shot”.
I’m a simple person … really simple … so my little mind tells me that the word “shot” feels more harmful that “jab”. I want less harm in my life so, in this context, I will try to use the word “jab”. Maybe.

My thoughts on immigration

This is what happens when I spend a few hours doing hard labor and when it’s all done, the thing you labored over works very well for its’ intended purpose. My energy level spikes and if the flow catches me, I write. I’m writing.

Today I did an outdoor project that had been desired for a year, but planned and scheduled a month ago and executed today. It involved ladder work, attic work, outdoor garden work, low voltage outdoor wiring, all in temperatures well into the 90s. I contracted with a company with whom we’d done business to provide an assistant for about half a day. I knew the guy, he did quite a lot of work for us. Long story short. He showed up about the right time with the right attitude and most awesomely, the right skills! (Those are in no particular order) We discussed the job. I was well prepared and he was well prepared. He even brought his wife to assist him, which was a good decision for several reasons. She was helpful and it seemed that he was teaching her. Anyway. What does this have to do with immigration?

Many have said … no. It has been said, A LOT, that “immigrants take our jobs”. It has also been said, A LOT, that “immigrants take jobs that we won’t do for the same pay or in some cases won’t do at all”. I’ve said the latter. There’s also the whole discussion of “immigrants doing jobs for which we have little or no capacity to do” … “for the same pay”. I’ve also said that and added the last part.

This guy, let’s call him Will, his wife Wilma and me, did the job for less than 1/10 the Geek Squad ballpark estimate. Will struck me as an honest man who believes in fairness. This dialogue reminds me that at home in NoVa, I’d surely have picked up an immigrant or two from the U-haul or other day-labor friendly location and paid at least as much as I paid Will and Wilma. Plus I’d have had the extra ‘benefit’ of navigating language and skill landmines.

I said all that to say this. I can understand that some people might hold a certain perspective that immigration as we currently manage it is bad. I happen to agree.

Thoughts about wealth

Simply put, you can’t have wealth without assets, therefore you must have assets in order to have wealth.

Everyone has assets, whether they are limited to the clothes on your back and the lint in your pocket or they include a house on the ridge with a million dollar view. Everyone has assets.

Wealth is that which exists beyond everyone (any person who has assets). Wealth is created when an asset increases in value. Wealth is structured when it increases in value without introduction of new assets.

Wealth is institutionalized when it can be placed more than one generation into the future.

There’s nothing on TV v1.1

I finally entered into a new contract with my TV/phone/internet provider. I intentionally resisted all attempts to get me into another contract for over 2 years, maybe 3.

I bristle every time I see commercials offering 200, 300, 500 dollars and a low starter rates for the kind of service I’d like to have as customer for many years.

I got a package that includes faster internet and more channels for roughly the same as I was (over)paying before. That’s all good news but not the story. The story is that I’m willing to revise my opinion that there’s nothing on TV … a bit.

Sports programming seems to be the current innovation leader with things like Rugby and Urban cliff diving and BMX ice skating. What? What!? Yes, and why not? Feats of physical strength have interested man for as long as man had time for recreation. Basketball, Football, Baseball to a lesser degree, futball, Boxing still draw a lot of feet and eyes. What’s next? These other sports are what’s next.

How much of what we see on TV results in influenced votes – not talking about ads

Talking about the impeachment thing…

Why do we have 4 people sitting around a table, on every channel talking about how they assume each Senator will vote and why.  They talk about the chances a Senator will change their vote.  Yeah … change the vote they have not yet placed!  Is this a sneaky way to try and influence the vote?

The notion that if they change their future vote, the reader will be more likely to support … what …. the person? the party? the president?  on conviction!
We sent them to do their job, let them do their job, vote and be held accountable to their constituents for how they voted. All votes are made public immediately after the vote.

In this case, I wonder how a secret ballot would turn out?

What’s lifeline communication

As the new month begins, I get another chance to look at upcoming bills, knowing that I won’t have as much money before. So I decide to call and discontinue my personal training sessions. They haven’t been happening and I haven’t been paying.

I call and am directed to Instagram or Facebook for customer service. What if I don’t want to use those. What if I don’t have an account? What if I don’t want those companies to know my business about fitness?

We trusted that phone calls were private between the people talking. We don’t have and not even offered the notion that social media channels are private.

I’m waiting for the first business leader to say this

Please stop asking me which candidate or which political party would be better for my business.

My answer today, tomorrow and as long as we’re here is the following.

I will continue lead my companies through the top talent we hire, to provide exceptional value to our customers under whatever conditions exist. Our processes, products and services adapt to deliver that value under whatever external conditions exist. When we are unable to deliver that value and a reasonable return on capital and investment, we will evolve.


President Obama expressed his personal thoughts about the United States’ response to the covid-19 pandemic. It was tastefully presented, unemotional and not personal. It was about leadership. I’m sure that Mr. Obama would enjoy a personal engagement with nearly any of the individuals comprising leadership, but as a group, taken together, they’re neither good company nor good host.

Now the actual point. President Obama expressed his thoughts on the US response to the pandemic. Media repeats the most provocative interpretation possible every 12 minutes in an attempt to whip up some energy, eyeballs and clicks. It’s not news beyond the fact that it happened. Do not keep frothing it to try and make more than it is.

Have we just created a new socio-economic class

I watch a good amount of futuristic scifi kinda stuff and it’s common to have a class of people who mine, labor, toil and generally do stuff that I would choose to not do. I have a choice, but they don’t.

Apparently a lot of people feel that they no longer have a choice and they must put their health and that of their family at risk…in order to live their life.