Pepsi … bad move

I’m trying to see this a different way, but I can’t. I can only ask again … why?

You’ve seen the Pepsi commercial with the tall, non ethnically identifiable guy, dancing(?), under dance floor lighting which morphs into a sports stadium. The cameraman pans to him, showing him on the big screen just as he takes big ole sip of Pepsi. Okay, cute commercial. Memorable.

Later I see the same commercial except, it’s a clearly brown or black man who is dancing with equal vigor as the other guy, except this guy is holding the tube lights they use to communicate with pilots on airport grounds. He’s wearing the standard, fluorescent-striped work gear. The initial scene is dark and dance floor like. I said I sure hope this brother is not at work. Just then, they show his dancing from the perspective of a co-worker who is driving one of the little cart pulling trucks. The scene then morphs into an operating airport gate area.

Why is that for similar reasons (advertising) the other guy is shown ‘cutting up’ at a football game and the black guy is ‘cutting up’ on the job. Why is that okay?

So I missed yesterday

I met the goal today and it’s not even 9:00am.

Here’s a little something. Today is the 1st Sunday Pastor is not in the pulpit due to his sabbatical. There were no men in the pulpit, which I wouldn’t have given a second thought if other’s had not clued me in to the radicalness of such a thing in the Baptist Church. I never thought is was an issue and I thank my parents for raising me as they did so such things don’t bother me.

There it is. Maybe I’ll write about one of my current projects somewhere on the cooktop later today. Maybe I’ll save that for tomorrow.

Entertainment or Strategy(NATO Conference)

The shows that I saw today on BBC and CNN and MSNBC remind me of reality shows. We do know that reality shows are not a reflection of or a retelling of reality. Right… Right!? Reality shows are entertainment, and their existence cheated or leapfrogged the entertainment industrial complex. (depending on your perspective)

Anyway, the sniping between Trump and Macron … the deflection to Turkey … the America bashing by Trump … this was entertainment and NOT helpful toward any rational policy except that of maximum personal gain. That’s why I hope there are some adults back home, keeping the greasy side down.

I hope and pray that

there remains a layer (or 3) of Civil Servants across government who understand and respect the role of government and how to manage government as it is now and as it will be in whatever politically chosen future state.

Someone won

If an enemy wanted to do harm to THESE United States, there is no stronger evidence of their success than the president sitting on his ass on global television, demonizing half (somebody look it up) of the nation. Who got punked in this deal?!

Healthy Organizations

During a major transformation in a huge organization that I worked for, we decided that aligning our focus around a few core principles was critical to a successful transformation. It led to the establishment of a simple value system that placed equal value on Employee Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction and Business Results.

Simply put, if employees are not satisfied (we’ll discuss what that means in the next paragraph) then they will not perform well and thus the organization will not deliver on its’ mission. If customers are not satisfied they will find other means of getting whatever it is that the organization is offering. and if the organization does not deliver the business results, then the organization will never thrive and potentially be out of business.

Employee satisfaction does not mean you pursue happiness for employees. Research shows that employees are satisfied when they believe they have the tools, information and processes they need in order to do their job effectively. It also involves trust in the organization’s leadership and direction.

Customer satisfaction is determined largely by the organizations view of the services they offer and ways to measure if they are helpful to customers as they try to use those services.

Business results are evaluated by definitive, relevant and accurate measures or performance. Those measures are determined internally or provided by external stakeholders.

The essential element to use this model is metrics. Have you identified, documented and communicated the right things that will be measured?

Enon Ridge – Vision for the 21st Century

I am interested to know real demographic stats about migration of residents away from and toward central cities. Notionally, I believe that in recent past decades, workers migrated away from central cities for several reasons and in recent years, workers have begun to migrate back toward central cities. I’ve observed first hand the gentrification of near-city and inner-city neighborhoods as cities work to attract citizens. People seem to like what cities are doing and people are moving back into and near city centers.

Enon Ridge is an expansive neighborhood on the north edge of downtown Birmingham. The neighborhood is close to employment, entertainment, travel and healthcare services. What’s missing is shopping, investment and upscale housing opportunities. Enon Ridge is ripe and ready for investment as evidenced by the numerous signs on poles announcing that so-and-so is buying homes for cash as-is.

My vision for Enon Ridge is a little different, but includes many of the traditional tools and techniques employed during gentrification.

Enon Ridge in the 21st Century is an open and welcoming community that values the following:

  1. Reasonable commutes to work, play, education and healthcare
  2. Safe, peaceful and environmentally protective neighborhoods
  3. Quality, accessible, modern and progressive education
  4. Quality, accessible, modern and progressive healthcare
  5. Respect for all people regardless of ethnic, religious or cultural background
  6. Clean, environmentally protective greenspaces
  7. Multi-modal, accessible and efficient transportation

There is nothing on TV

I would like to know how many different people on TV discuss the exact same event during a 24hr day. I bet some SEO kind of person already has an index and algo for it. If not, I’m calling it ‘event weight’ or EW and it is determined by … let’s see … first, define the ‘event’. An event is whatever it is defined to be, but it is something that happened e.g. Senate Intel committee chair said “Too the moon!”. There must be enough context about the event to make it matter, otherwise why measure it. The ‘weight’ is defined specifically as the number of units (minutes/hours/seconds) spent in discussion about the event. If a panel of 4 (including moderator) spends 7 minutes in a segment about “Too the moon!”, what, why, who, when, where and here’s what I think… then that is 28 units. Divide units by 60 and arrive at an EW of .47. Larger EW values suggest greater interest – at least the advertisers should hope so. Maybe use a figure related to audience attention span to make it more directly usable. Just made this up. Anyway, I propose that the number of events and EWs in general have increased, thus leading me to say, there’s nothing on TV.