Did this really happen?

Feeling particularly hyper-active at the moment and watching CNBC World.

It’s remarkable how frankly they speak about US politics.  Referred to the Whitehouse as neurotic. Spoke about the president as the only world leader to take a personal interest in the price of oil in an argument that you cannot use the price of oil as a measure of anything that matters (my takeaway).

There was a discussion during the kazakhstan  World yadda yadda and they spoke of  kazakhstan  as having a daily total market volume in the $200K range (yes K).  The context was that a person wanting to invest $100,000,000 couldn’t do it in kazakhstan .  Later on the rep from India quipped that India would be happy to send you $100M, China would be happy to send  you $100M before going on to discuss the importance of knowing the political winds and they all talked about infrastructure, some focused on quality choices and decisions about infrastructure rather than volume or quantity of infrastructure deployed.

Finally I just HAD to stop and capture this… Peter Navarro said the China trade deal will take some time and that the way to get the market to 30K is to pass the US, Mexico, Canada deal.  WHO SAID THAT GETTING THE MARKET TO 30K IS THE OR EVEN A PRIMARY GOAL FOR THE ADMINISTRATION?