First of the new year again ….

New year and new(?) energy? Not sure, but whatever it is, it happens every friggin year. The designated date on the calendar arrives and we do a whole bunch of the same stuff and say we’re going to do some different stuff and then we go on to do what we’ve always done.
If you think this is a rant about the ridiculousness of New Year’s resolutions. Well, maybe, but I’d rather focus less on the rant and more on the question of why do it on January 1st? [SHORT ANSWER] Because it’s easy to remember.

The point is that it is a good thing to consider old stuff and imagine new stuff annually – if it takes that – or whatever periodicity is most efficacious.

Now the reason I sat to write this.

In the UK they refer to the act of getting or giving an injection as a “jab”. This is exactly and completely equivalent to our use of the word “shot”.
I’m a simple person … really simple … so my little mind tells me that the word “shot” feels more harmful that “jab”. I want less harm in my life so, in this context, I will try to use the word “jab”. Maybe.