There’s nothing on TV v1.1

I finally entered into a new contract with my TV/phone/internet provider. I intentionally resisted all attempts to get me into another contract for over 2 years, maybe 3.

I bristle every time I see commercials offering 200, 300, 500 dollars and a low starter rates for the kind of service I’d like to have as customer for many years.

I got a package that includes faster internet and more channels for roughly the same as I was (over)paying before. That’s all good news but not the story. The story is that I’m willing to revise my opinion that there’s nothing on TV … a bit.

Sports programming seems to be the current innovation leader with things like Rugby and Urban cliff diving and BMX ice skating. What? What!? Yes, and why not? Feats of physical strength have interested man for as long as man had time for recreation. Basketball, Football, Baseball to a lesser degree, futball, Boxing still draw a lot of feet and eyes. What’s next? These other sports are what’s next.

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