My thoughts on immigration

This is what happens when I spend a few hours doing hard labor and when it’s all done, the thing you labored over works very well for its’ intended purpose. My energy level spikes and if the flow catches me, I write. I’m writing.

Today I did an outdoor project that had been desired for a year, but planned and scheduled a month ago and executed today. It involved ladder work, attic work, outdoor garden work, low voltage outdoor wiring, all in temperatures well into the 90s. I contracted with a company with whom we’d done business to provide an assistant for about half a day. I knew the guy, he did quite a lot of work for us. Long story short. He showed up about the right time with the right attitude and most awesomely, the right skills! (Those are in no particular order) We discussed the job. I was well prepared and he was well prepared. He even brought his wife to assist him, which was a good decision for several reasons. She was helpful and it seemed that he was teaching her. Anyway. What does this have to do with immigration?

Many have said … no. It has been said, A LOT, that “immigrants take our jobs”. It has also been said, A LOT, that “immigrants take jobs that we won’t do for the same pay or in some cases won’t do at all”. I’ve said the latter. There’s also the whole discussion of “immigrants doing jobs for which we have little or no capacity to do” … “for the same pay”. I’ve also said that and added the last part.

This guy, let’s call him Will, his wife Wilma and me, did the job for less than 1/10 the Geek Squad ballpark estimate. Will struck me as an honest man who believes in fairness. This dialogue reminds me that at home in NoVa, I’d surely have picked up an immigrant or two from the U-haul or other day-labor friendly location and paid at least as much as I paid Will and Wilma. Plus I’d have had the extra ‘benefit’ of navigating language and skill landmines.

I said all that to say this. I can understand that some people might hold a certain perspective that immigration as we currently manage it is bad. I happen to agree.

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