Pandemic – The great equalizer (almost)

At least two days last week, what has to be thousands of people, each representing part or all of a family, waited in line for donated food.
On one day this week, I waited in a line that wrapped around a good part of the Costco parking lot so that I can go in and BUY food.

I never thought I’d share the same experience as the “invisible, but essential” when it comes to obtaining food until Covid-19 – the great equalizer – opened my eyes.
While in line I thought about the experience … woke people call that being mindful. Anyway the notion that the top 2% struggle to get food just like the bottom 2% makes me think about the system that allows this to happen.

I kept on thinking and imagine the super, uber, ultra rich feel no impact at all. Perhaps their house help needed to take a little more time shopping (waiting in line with me) or send friends and family out to do the shopping so the “house” keeps running. Now THAT made me think even more about the system that allows this to happen.

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