Have we just created a new socio-economic class

I watch a good amount of futuristic scifi kinda stuff and it’s common to have a class of people who mine, labor, toil and generally do stuff that I would choose to not do. I have a choice, but they don’t.

Apparently a lot of people feel that they no longer have a choice and they must put their health and that of their family at risk…in order to live their life.

Pandemic – The great equalizer (almost)

At least two days last week, what has to be thousands of people, each representing part or all of a family, waited in line for donated food.
On one day this week, I waited in a line that wrapped around a good part of the Costco parking lot so that I can go in and BUY food.

I never thought I’d share the same experience as the “invisible, but essential” when it comes to obtaining food until Covid-19 – the great equalizer – opened my eyes.
While in line I thought about the experience … woke people call that being mindful. Anyway the notion that the top 2% struggle to get food just like the bottom 2% makes me think about the system that allows this to happen.

I kept on thinking and imagine the super, uber, ultra rich feel no impact at all. Perhaps their house help needed to take a little more time shopping (waiting in line with me) or send friends and family out to do the shopping so the “house” keeps running. Now THAT made me think even more about the system that allows this to happen.

Good for you Scotland (update)

The Chief Medical Officer was busted traveling to her vacation home after telling everybody else (who don’t have vacation homes) to stay in their own homes. DO NOT TRAVEL is her order. So what happened? She got in her car with hubby and charged out of town. She got caught and apologized profusely with genuine sincerity. I believe she is sorry and I believe she will not do it again. Of course there were calls for her resignation, but what happened is that she was publicly removed from any media events and directed to continue providing her talent, skill and experience toward the medical emergency punishing the world right now.
Her poor judgment regarding personal behavior (risk to herself and others) is worth knowing and her response is worth knowing too. Beyond that, it’s not news, unless another shoe emerges and drops. Until that other shoe drops, it’s no longer news. Let us focus on what’s important – our response to this pandemic.
Way to go Scotland. The world needs more model behavior like this.

Here’s an update. I just saw that she resigned. Ok, that’s the other shoe and that’s news and now it’s not. Let’s move on.

An interesting thing happened

For the first time that I can recall, I had a positive response to the idea of living longer than what is considered normal. This is not about immortality or the belief that I have something so important and meaningful to give to the world that it shouldn’t go on without me. No…this is ALL about curiosity. I really, REALLY would like to know how we are in 100 years. I’ve certainly asked myself what life would be like in 5000 years and we all know that any response to that is MCU kind of stuff…fantasy…entertaining, but no more useful than that. To wonder about 100 years from now is a more meaningful exercise. It’s meaningful because we can actually influence the answer. It matters what we say and show to our children and our grand children. It’s their children who will be living with many of our decisions now. They will also be making decisions themselves. I wonder how my great, great, great grand child will live?