Strap in and get ready for the ride

Remember when you watched the Jetsons and then in the year 2000 when you shook your head in disappointment that you don’t have a flying car? Well you’re not alone and given where we are today, I think the field is wide open for new implementations of old ideas to run wild and – if you hop on – a wild ride it will be.

I’ll make it official. On the record. I believe that within the next 15 years, odds are better than 50/50 that the non-autonomously driven vehicle will be a rare sight on I95.
I’m happy to be wrong on this! It could be that inner-city autonomous mobility is 1st the pop. If the inner-city pops 1st I’ll increase the odds to 80/20 within 15 years.

Dyson making ventilators? Why not? … as long as they exceed requirements placed on medical devices and whatever other appropriate regulatory oversight matters.

Cleaning and re-using masks? It’s probably been done before. Does it make sense to do it now? Dunno, but someone does.

Point is: There is a crazy batch of BIG ideas being discussed RIGHT NOW. Some of those big ideas (often referred to as those things “that will never happen”) will happen. The least we can do is think about which things might happen and not pretend to be surprised when they happen. The best we can do is decide which ones we want to happen and work to make those happen and discourage the ones we do not want to happen.

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