A nod to Bernie?

Is the administration’s over-the-top reaction to the economic situation a nod to Bernie? The situation is characterized by:
1. The crash in the equities markets,
2. The drastic reduction of commercial activity, travel, retail, recreation, hospitality, services,
3. The significantly increased risk of sickness and death from previously low risk activities.

Of course these are all related and indeed warrant real action. The point is that many of our political operators are behaving and promoting actions that were previously counter to their values. Specifically the idea of giving all Americans cash in order to keep them afloat. Welfare for all? Basic income? The idea of giving businesses cash to pay employees while they can’t work. Sound like another corporate bailout?

In closing, all this could look like re-distribution of wealth without actually making the structural changes that would result in re-distribution as Bernie and others would have it.

I know some might say “too soon” and that’s fine, but let’s not forget what actually happened after it happens.

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