Someone won

If an enemy wanted to do harm to THESE United States, there is no stronger evidence of their success than the president sitting on his ass on global television, demonizing half (somebody look it up) of the nation. Who got punked in this deal?!

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  1. He demonizes half the nation, he calls people names when they disagree with him, and whatever he says his enemies are – he surely is describing himself if you flip it back on him. In conversations with friends, we refer to HIM as the evil one, and it truly feels as if we are in the midst of a huge battle between good and evil – an epic battle.

    Were those people supporting him evil all along and hiding and waiting for this puppet to be ‘enthroned?’ How long has this virus been spreading in the ranks, growing unseen?

    We were once complacent in our sense of safety in our democracy, believing those in power – though not perfect – had the best interests of the nation and the nation’s people at heart.


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