Enon Ridge – Vision for the 21st Century

I am interested to know real demographic stats about migration of residents away from and toward central cities. Notionally, I believe that in recent past decades, workers migrated away from central cities for several reasons and in recent years, workers have begun to migrate back toward central cities. I’ve observed first hand the gentrification of near-city and inner-city neighborhoods as cities work to attract citizens. People seem to like what cities are doing and people are moving back into and near city centers.

Enon Ridge is an expansive neighborhood on the north edge of downtown Birmingham. The neighborhood is close to employment, entertainment, travel and healthcare services. What’s missing is shopping, investment and upscale housing opportunities. Enon Ridge is ripe and ready for investment as evidenced by the numerous signs on poles announcing that so-and-so is buying homes for cash as-is.

My vision for Enon Ridge is a little different, but includes many of the traditional tools and techniques employed during gentrification.

Enon Ridge in the 21st Century is an open and welcoming community that values the following:

  1. Reasonable commutes to work, play, education and healthcare
  2. Safe, peaceful and environmentally protective neighborhoods
  3. Quality, accessible, modern and progressive education
  4. Quality, accessible, modern and progressive healthcare
  5. Respect for all people regardless of ethnic, religious or cultural background
  6. Clean, environmentally protective greenspaces
  7. Multi-modal, accessible and efficient transportation