There is nothing on TV

I would like to know how many different people on TV discuss the exact same event during a 24hr day. I bet some SEO kind of person already has an index and algo for it. If not, I’m calling it ‘event weight’ or EW and it is determined by … let’s see … first, define the ‘event’. An event is whatever it is defined to be, but it is something that happened e.g. Senate Intel committee chair said “Too the moon!”. There must be enough context about the event to make it matter, otherwise why measure it. The ‘weight’ is defined specifically as the number of units (minutes/hours/seconds) spent in discussion about the event. If a panel of 4 (including moderator) spends 7 minutes in a segment about “Too the moon!”, what, why, who, when, where and here’s what I think… then that is 28 units. Divide units by 60 and arrive at an EW of .47. Larger EW values suggest greater interest – at least the advertisers should hope so. Maybe use a figure related to audience attention span to make it more directly usable. Just made this up. Anyway, I propose that the number of events and EWs in general have increased, thus leading me to say, there’s nothing on TV.